Reading Objectives and Assessment

Reading Objectives:

    • To be able to read, understand and apply a definition

    • To be able to read, understand and translate a narrative description that uses mathematical language that they have already learned into a mathematical model/statement.

    • To be able to read and understand symbolic expressions.

Reading Assessment

    • One type of reading quiz, always provide them with what they need on the quiz, don't tell them beforehand and then send them to the book sometimes to read more and do a webassign.

    • Number them as Reading Quiz I.1 etc.

    • In our minds we would like one section reading and one modeling reading in each module that would be good to aim for.

    • Each quiz we will try to have at least one question from each level - literal, applied, synthesis.

    • Their preparation for these reading quizzes is their reading of the rest of the content in the book.

    • The quiz will always be unannounced so that they can't guess what it will be on.