Polynomial Functions

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    • Pyramid Problem (attached below)

    • Quadratic Patterns, including the hand shake problem: A number of people are to be introduced to each other by shaking hands. If each person shakes hands with every person (excluding themselves) exactly once, what is the total number of handshakes that must be are made? (see attached quadratic lesson). Don't tell the student though that it is quadratic! :) Lesson Plan created by Westfield State University Students.

    • Cubic volume questions: growth patterns of prisms, students can invent their own.

    • Polynomial Function Patterns (attached below) -- discrete calculus

    • Zeros of polynomials, factoring using algebra tiles -- by Lauryn Zaimes at WSU (Algebra Tiles and FOIL.docx)

    • Virtual Algebra Tiles by NCTM: https://illuminations.nctm.org/activity.aspx?id=3482

    • Quadratic equation using algebra tiles (CvR) completing the square -- by Lauryn Zaimes at WSU (Factoring.docx see below)

    • Using desmos find turning points and roots of polynomials. Notice patterns.

    • Find the factors of a polynomial given the roots. Logic of “or”.

    • Using desmos explore transformations. What happens if we change different parameters? Why?

    • Using desmos explore which polynomials have globals maxima and minima. What is the pattern?

    • Define power functions

    • Desmos Quadratic Bundle: https://teacher.desmos.com/quadratic

    • Desmos Polynomial Activities: https://teacher.desmos.com/search?q=polynomial