Logarithmic Functions

IBL Calculus: See the logs section on the Precalculus page on IBL Calculus https://sites.google.com/site/aibldraftinstructorsite/precalculus

Making sense of logarithms -- lesson plan by Lauryn Zaimes from WSU (see attached below)

Prove that a^x=e^(x ln(a)) - this is something that students can't always see. e^(x ln(a))=e^(ln(a^x))=a^x.

Use desmos to find rate of change of log functions in table/graph. An example of this is shown here https://www.desmos.com/calculator/vtsyihdkhs. This desmos calculator is too quick for students - they won't catch what's going on if you just open it up and lead them through this but this should help you come up with some instructions/an activity that students could work through.

Properties of Logarithms and Graphs.pdf