Bottle Graph Activity, Part I

Post date: Aug 22, 2012 4:05:05 PM

The changes we made definitely helped this activity. I think it's easier to make sure we hit everything now. I spent about 25 mins on it this time and it went really well. We had good conversations about linear functions and proportional - we'll see if any of it sticks! I had them start by reading the first two questions independently and then discussing with a partner what they needed to do - then they did it together - I actually like this just fine so the instructions could be changed to that. Then I chose two of those graphs (both linear - one proportional, one just linear) and put them both up on the document camera to have the discussion from there. We talked about how the graphs compared to the practical situation and why they made sense. I didn't choose any "incorrect ones" for timing reasons but don't think a lot was missed on that. I sent them home with finishing Page 2 for homework and we will talk about it at the beginning of the next class. The synthesis question they have to hand in two classes from now. Tomorrow will be CCI and then we'll get on to the second part of this activity.